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Top 5 Ripple wallets for Canadians

Auston Bunsen - Posted: July 17, 2018

Cold storage wallets

For those of you that are security conscious, you'll probably want a cold storage wallet. Cold Storage is pretty much the safest way to store your Ripple coins (XRP) because it keeps your private keys offline - you can think of it like a safety deposit for your Ripple. Not sure why private keys are important? Read about private keys here. Here is a list of our favorite cold storage wallets for Ripple:

  • Ledger Nano S - One of the best methods for cold storage! You can buy one from Ledger for about $100 USD. Get your Ledger Nano here.
  • CBlock One - We're biased but we think CBlocks cold-storage is great for keeping your XRP safe. You can grab your CBlock here
  • XRP Paper Wallet - This is a free, open source piece of software. Use at your own risk. Webpage here.
  • Bithomp Paper Wallet - Bithomp provides a free XRP paper wallet generator and all sorts of other tools as well. You can check out Bithomp here

Note: Remember! When you generate a paper wallet, you should be disconnected from the internet!

Hot wallets

When it comes to Ripple wallets that are connected to the internet - otherwise known as "hot wallets" there is not a whole lot of variety. Here are the Ripple hot wallets we've tried and can recommend:

  • Toast Wallet - By far the most robust in terms of availability. Toast is available on desktop for Windows, Mac, and Linux. They also have mobile clients for Android and iOS. It's the original, it's free and it's open source. You can check out the Toast site here.
  • Ripple Wallet - The "Ripple Wallet" is a mobile only wallet that seems to be a clone of the Toast Wallet. It works, but it's very similar to Toast. You can download Ripple Wallet here.

Remember that if you lose a hot wallet, unless you have all of the recovery information (recovery phrase, passwords, backups, etc) then you will not be able to recover the funds in those hot wallets.

Cloud wallets

Cloud wallets are often the most convenient wallets because they allow you to access your Ripple from any internet connected device. So that means a mobile web browser, desktop browser or even a mobile app. Here are some popular cloud wallets, some of them are exchanges, others are actual online wallets:

  • Gatehub - An online wallet that allows you to create as many Ripple wallets as you'd like. You can get a gatehub account here.
  • eToro - This is an exchange that used to operate in Canada, but will soon be returning to North America / the US. They don't have any particularly special wallet functionality and only let you generate one XRP address for transacting. They have a great mobile app that you can download. Go learn more about eToro here.
  • Cryptonator - Cryptonator is perhaps the most versatile of the group, supporting multiple currencies and being available for Android as well as desktop (no iOS support). Go check out cryptonator here
  • Bittrex - One of the most popular online exchanges Bittrex offers lots of trading pairs and happens to offer a Ripple wallet for deposits. However, it's important to note that Bittrex does not have a mobile app. You can sign up for Bittrex here.

Important: Cloud wallets provide the highest level of convenience but this level of convenience comes with a price! If your cloud wallet provider is hacked, they could lose some or all of your Ripple. This is why we recommend you only store "spending money" or "tradeable coins" on your cloud wallet and use cold storage or a hot wallet as a secure storage for all of your other XRP.
Auston Bunsen
Auston is the cofounder of CBlocks & a life long learner, thinker and programmer. You can follow him on twitter here: twitter.com/bunsen

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