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How to buy Ripple in Canada

Mario Aguayo - Posted: July 20, 2018

Buying Ripple in Canada

Ripple has quickly became one of the most sough after coins in the crypto-space, and even so is one of the most difficult coins for consumers to get their hands on. So we'll outline the top 3 ways to get your hands on Ripple in Canada.

1. Exchanges

Binance is an online cryptocurrency exchange platform that allows you to purchase over 300 different cryptocurrencies. They have been an industry leader in terms of being able to get alternative coins (alt-coins), like ripple, into consumers digital wallets. However getting your hands on these alt-coins isn't something easily done.

Over the past 2 years Binance has paused new account activations, with wait periods of over 3 months has left some users unable to buy in. Once you are allowed in however, you still need to purchase Bitcoin or Ethereum in order to make the Ripple purchases.

Once you make your purchase the exchange will give you a free digital wallet to store your Ripple. One thing to note though is that exchanges will maintain not only your public keys but also your private keys which in the crypto world can be seen as unsafe, since if the exchange gets hacked then you may lose your crypto. 

2. Friends

Want Ripple? Then you could look to a friend or neighbor. As a matter of fact, most new crypto enthusiasts started from a recommendation from a friend or family member. If you have a friend that has Ripple that they would like to sell you, all you have to do is agree on a price and share your Ripple public address. If you don't have a Ripple wallet just yet, check out our other guide Top 5 Ripple Wallets for Canadians.

3. Crypto Service Providers

If the idea of signing up for a new exchange, setting up wallets or buying Ripple with other crypto seems annoying, then you should check out our product, CBlocks. CBlocks helps clients by providing secure encrypted wallets, delivered throughout Canada. There are no exchanges or technical knowledge required to get started either. 

You have the option to choose from 3 different plans, and even pay with your credit card. Once your wallets are created we ship you a CBlock which can be used to retrieve your cryptocurrencies. The CBlocks One has been touted as the "crypto starter kit" due to it's simplicity for their users.

Turning Ripple into CAD (Canadian Dollars)

That's it! Well I mean you now have Ripple, but now what right? Well you may want to hold on to it, and learn about how the coin is used in the real world, or can turn that Ripple into CAD. There are two basic ways to turn your Ripple into CAD. 

  • Exchanges: If you happen to have an exchange account like Einstein, Binance, or Bitstamp you can send your Ripple to your online wallet. Once there you can exchange Ripple for a FIAT exchangeable coin like Bitcoin or Ethereum. After you have converted the coins you can then sell them for CAD on the same exchange.
  • Friends & Family: This will be the easier and least technically challenging option. All you need to do is find a friend or family member that is looking to purchase some Ripple. Once you agree on a price and make the purchase, you can send them Ripple to their wallet. 

If you want to learn more about Ripple be sure to check out our other guides found here.
Mario Aguayo
Mario has been a developer for the past 3 years and lover of everything tech all his life. He uses his tech skills and natural inquisitiveness to help others learn about tech.

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