A Mystery Box of Cryptocurrency

Personalized cryptocurrencies delivered to your door. 

How It Works


You Buy It

Choose a CB Wallet that's right for you. Each CB Wallet is unique and you can start small with Starter, or if you want to be bold go Pro.


We Load It

Your CB Wallet will be loaded with a unique set of cryptocurrencies known as alt coins with a total value detailed in your wallet purchase minus a $50 fee for service and shipping.


We Ship It

Your CB Wallet will be direct mailed to your house in a collectors case preserving your CB Wallet until you decide you want to open it. 

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What is cryptocurrency?

Crypto currencies are one of the fastest growing digital trends of 2018. What first started out as secure transactions for digital goods, now it is being accepted by businesses, banks, and governments.

What is a CB Wallet?

Normally when you purchased any crypto coins you needed to store them in a digital wallet, leaving them susceptible to hackers and thieves. With a CB Wallet, your crypto is stored on a physical USB drive that you keep in your home. 

How do I get my wallet?

Your CB Wallet will be delivered to your door within 7-10 business days. It takes 3-5 days for processing and ships out by the fifth day. You will be emailed a tracking number to watch it arrive safely wherever you want.

Can my wallet lose value?

Like any collectable your CBlocks Wallet may lose value, but the exciting part is that it may also increase in value over time. Treat your CB Wallet like you would a home-run ball, or basketball jersey. 

How many wallets can I buy?

Each CB Wallet is unique, and collecting as many wallets as you can is the best part. You can even sell your wallets to others or trade for different crypto combinations. 

Whats on my wallet?

Your CB Wallet will come with random crypto currencies. How do we choose them? We use a proprietary algorithm to choose from current available coin options.  


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"For the true believers in alt coins, CBlocks may be onto something."

- Jason Evangelho 

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"CBlocks is a new service that aims to lower the cryptocurrency entry barrier..." 

- MIX 

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