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We select 5 random coins from the top 100 and put them on a USB that lets you hold your crypto in your hand.

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How it works

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Easy 2 step checkout - no wait times or account verifications. As simple as buying on Amazon.

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We select your 5 coins from the top 100 on & ship from our nearest warehouse.

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After 5-7 days it arrives. Activate & secure it, no need to note down 24 words to keep your funds safe!



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Every CBlock One is protected with bank grade (AES) 256 bit encryption, giving you the power and security of a bank in the palm of your hand.


Our companion app makes getting started in cryptocurrency hassle-free. Learn about new coins & manage your private keys with our desktop app for Mac.

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The future is open...

CBlocks is an easy way to get started in crypto. We take the anxiety and fear out of selecting coins while bringing the excitement of getting 5 random coins from the top 100!