CBlocks creates products that make it easy to save, spend, and earn cryptocurrency.

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Our team is focused at making cryptocurreny not only easy to use, but relevant in today's economy. Take a look at some of the innovative applications and products we have launched over the years.

CBlock One

Cryptocurrency delivered right to your door.

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Still have questions about crypto? Check out some of our frequently asked questions below

What is crypto?

Crypto currencies are one...

What is crypto?close

Crypto currencies are one of the fastest growing digital trends of 2018. What first started out as a secure and fast way to purchase digital goods, now is being accepted by retailers, banks, and governments around the world.

What is a CBlock One?

You have a wallet for change...

What is a CBlock One?close

You have a wallet for loose change, but a bank is where you keep all of your saved money. Well that is what a CBlock is for your crypto.

With the CBlock One you can store hundreds of dollars of crypto on an easy to use and secure physical device. Keeping your crypto offline, and away from prying eyes.

How do I get my wallet?

We have streamlined...

How do I get my wallet?close

We have streamlined the CBlock One process to be able to ship out your order 24 hours after it is placed. With support for over 150 different countries and 5 continents a CBlock One is just a click away.

Can my CBlock lose value?

Like any cryptocurrency your...

Can my CBlock lose value?close

Like any cryptocurrency your CBlock One may lose value over time, but there is also the opportunity that the CBlock One may increase in value as well.

How many can I buy?

Currently due to international...

How many can I buy?close

Currently due to international regulation you can purchase just one CBlock One. We are working hard with regulators to allow us to provide this service to so many people and open the availability of crypto to people throughout the world.

What's on my wallet?

Your CBlock One is loaded with...

What's on my wallet?close

Your CBlock One is loaded with 5 randomly selected cryptos from the top 100 coins listed on Coinmarketcap. They secured with 256-bit bank grade encryption so you can rest assured that your funds are safe.